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Here's a bit of trivia for you (well, it's not trivia - pretty key info, actually):

The "Stealth Fighter" is not a fighter jet at all - in fact, it is completely defenseless.

It has no guns of any kind, no air-to-air missiles, and it can't even run away - 

it does not have the ability to reach even mach 1.

It's only defense is it's stealth - it has to simply not get seen while it delivers

it's payload of  air-to-surface munitions, which is the only attack it can

carry it out - it's actually just a smaller stealth bomber.  The "fighter"

misnomer is a result of the craft's small size only.

I found this photo on the News-Gazette's website ( see News and info) - this was shot in one of the stairwells of tower #1 - the tower I was in.  Here's the News-Gazette's caption:

Engine 28 firefighter Mike Kehoe assists in the evacuation effort in a stairwell of Tower One during the attacks on the World Trade Center. These pictures were shot by John Labriola who had an office on the 71st floor of the building. He escaped with no injuries. Fellow firefighter Bobby Annunziato at Engine 28 in Manhattan said Kehoe escaped before the towers collapsed. 


Miriam Horrocks, seated with 6-year-old son Michael on her lap, is presented with the U.S. flag by a U.S. Marine Corp honor guard following a Monday funeral mass for her late husband. Michael Horrocks 38, was killed when the hijacked United Airlines flight that he was co-piloting crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

Also from MSNBC - photo by Darren McCollester - no caption necessary.

Another from MSNBC - no need for a caption.

wtc-photo.jpg (832768 bytes)

Here's an overhead shot that's so big I had to thumbnail it - click the thumbnail to get a full-size version.

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